Once in every lifetime we are truly blessed. For 17 years we were blessed with a Son. The day you had to leave us Peter for your place in Heaven broke our hearts forever. We remember that day like it was yesterday. I can still recall that hour long drive to the hospital, praying that they were wrong. Hoping that maybe if it was you that you were ok. A broken leg, some cuts and bruises they would have healed in time. But losing you, that is something that will never heal. Something seemed to slip from our souls that morning. As if someone had ripped out our hearts. Such an empty and lonely feeling, that to this day has not gotten any better. I sit here now, like then with all the same questions. Unable to comprehend what really happened that day, yet so aware that a life so precious, our son is no longer with us.

There is never a day Peter that we don't think of you or are sending thoughts your way. You are always our first thought of the day. Your smile and voice are etched in our hearts forever. I hope you can feel all the Love that we have for you. The memories that you have left us Peter are cherished ones. No one can ever take them from us because they live within our hearts.

You had your whole life ahead of you, a wonderful life with so many dreams. Peter, I know in my heart that you would have made the best Firefighter. Becoming a firefighter was something that you had always wanted to be. Even at the early age of three you had your mind made up. There are now two Night Imaging Cameras purchased In Your Memory with the donations from your family and friends and A Grant from Senator Hugh Farley's office. The Amsterdam Fire Department now has some state of the art equipment to help save lives. You are truly a Firefighter from Heaven Peter.

Your Dad misses you so very much. He tries to be strong for Lory and I but his heart is so broken. He lost his buddy, his hunting and fishing partner, His best friend. Dad is taking good care of your Bronco, Pete. He washes it and, yes Peter, he is changing the oil. He doesn't have the heart to sell it and Lory is too scared to drive it.

Daddy & I would give our life to hear your voice and see your smile just one more time. We will Love you and Miss you Peter until the day we die. Lory misses you so much. She is a senior in high school now and is so beautiful. But you already knew that. She wants you to be proud of her. I know you want her to be happy and she is trying. I hope she will enjoy life as you did. Peter, keep her safe. Watch over her from above.

You were a wonderful son Peter with a smile so bright and laughter so sweet that it would brighten the darkest of days.

Everything you did in your short life is etched in our hearts forever.

We Love You and Miss You Pete,

Mom, Dad & Lory


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