I never meant to leave you,
Could I have only stayed;
We would be going on in life,
With all the plans we made.

Now all the hopes and dreams we shared,
Are but sweet memories;
For you to tuck inside your heart,
Now when you remember me.

Remember all the good times,
And all the joy we shared;
Remember how you touched my life,
And how I really cared.

Think back on all the laughter,
And wipe away your tears;
You still have many miles to go,
And still have many years.

Don't look back....look forward,
This day is a brand new start;
And as you travel on in life,
You'll take a bit of my heart.

I never meant to leave you,
But still you'll not be alone;
For as long as my love lives in you,
I'll never really be gone.

Allison Chambers Coxsey
©1995 ~ All Rights Reserved

We had so many dreams for you,
But now those dreams are gone;
We laid them to rest alongside you,
When the Father took you home.
Now other dreams are in our hearts,
Remembering your face;
The times we shared; the memories,
No one can take your place.
The dreams you couldn’t finish here,
They will not be in vain;
For other’s dreams will be fulfilled,
And they’ll find them in your name.
Because of you, they’ll reach for stars,
And find them in their hand;
You’ll be their inspiration,
Maybe that was always God’s plan.
Our hearts will never be empty,
With your memory, we’re never alone.
And some sweet day we’ll be with you,
When the Father takes us home.
In Loving Memory of Pete Lansburg

©2005 Allison Chambers Coxsey
Used With Permission

Music is an orginal composition
of Margie Harrell and used with permission

Photography by Bren,
a contributing artist of "Stock Stash"


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