In Loving Memory of
Peter Vincent Lansburg
Nov 5, 1983 - Feb 18, 2001


Loving Son of: Vinny & Debbie Lansburg
Loving Brother of: Lory Lansburg
Loving Friend to Many

Peter was born November 5, 1983 at 8:40 am. Weighing 7lbs 10ozs and 21 inches long. He was named after his grandfather Pete.

Pete was the first person to call me Mom. He was a joy and everything that two parents could have ever asked for. He changed our lives the moment he entered this world. He brought such happiness to our family. He was warm and loving from the start . Pete had a very pleasant personality. As a baby he had a strong will and knew exactly what he wanted.

Pete was a snappy dresser right from the start. As you view the photos you will see that he liked the color gray at a very young age. Any one that knew him in his teen years knows that he owned about 30 T-shirt in the color gray. With Pete everything had to match, from head to toe.

As a baby he love Cheerios and carried a bag of them where ever he went. When Pete was three his sister Lory was born. Oh boy how different two babies can be. Lory adored her big brother. She did anything that he asked. He was the chief and she was his little Indian. They played together very well , as long as it was Pete heading up the playtime activities.

In our house Monday was always a special day, you see it was garbage day and Pete would sit in the window for hours waiting for the garbage men to come. We always knew where to find Pete on Monday mornings. For about a year Pete wanted to be a garbage man. He would say to me Mom I want to be just like Tolson. He was a family friend and always put on a performance for Pete , as he picked up the garbage.

Soon after that Pete decided that he wanted to become a firefighter. Since he was three years old he had wanted to be one. As you view the photos you will see that he dresses in anything that he could get his hands on to make himself look and act like a fireman.


Pete was to graduate in June of 2001 and had plans to enlist in the Air Force to become a firefighter. His life long dream that was never fulfilled .

Peter had three special women in his life. Me of course being the first. And the babysitters that he had when his Dad and I worked. A lot of what Pete became had to do with the other two special women in his life. They were more than just ordinary babysitters, they were his family away from home.

Michelle was his first. She adored him as if he were her own. She had two boys and they got along very well and remained friends through the years. Michelle never forgot Pete's birthday even after he left her home for his second babysitters.

When Pete was three he went to visit the third woman in his life Becky. This was definitely his home away from home. She treated him as if he were her own son. My fried chicken couldn't compare to Becky's Banquet chicken. Pete loved each and every minute he spent at their house. This is where Pete met his life long friend Danny. They did everything together as kids and even thought they went to different schools in the area they still remained best friends.

Danny was with Pete when he died, I know that Danny has a hard time with that but I know in my heart, if that is how it had to be , Pete would have not wanted anyone else with him but Danny. Pete and Danny loved to ride their snowmobiles.


On February 18th,2001 the day that changed our lives forever we lost our beautiful son "Pete" in a snowmobile accident in Speculator. He crossed the water that is called the Kunjamuk, He hit the edge of the lake and went airborn. He saw the tree in front of him and jumped off the sled landing on the ground . The machine continued and hit the tree circling around and hitting Pete as he lye on the ground. The stud that is in the track of the snow machine caught the back of his helmet and tore it off his head killing him instantly. All of the rescue workers tried in vain to help Pete to no avail. There were many people there that day that tried to save my beautiful son's life. I thank them all for trying. Mr. Stoddard and Mr. Fisher Thank you for being there for my son and Danny. You will always be in our hearts and prayers .

Peter died at 11:15am at Nathan Littauer Hospital with his Dad, Mom and sister Lory at his side. We also had the support of our family and friends. Uncle Vinny, Uncle Paul, Aunt Linda, Dave, Becky, Danny, Kate, Jay W, Jay F, Dawn, Milt, Donna. We Thank You from the bottom of our hearts, your compassion will never be forgotten.


Many people have not forgotten my son since his death. His friends and classmates have been very supportive this past year.

Pete loved playing Lacrosse. The team dedicated the season In Pete's Memory and finished 11-5, there best season ever. I bet Pete had something to do with that. Pete's #18 jersey was retired and no one will ever were that # again.

Pete also loved Chorus. I am still trying to figure out if he really liked the singing or the trips that the class took which gave him the opportunity to meet girls. Pete had a book that he called his Chick-tion-ary. Every time he came home from a chorus concert he had names added . He was very proud of that. The senior class planted a Pee Gee Hydrangea tree in front of the school and a dedication with pictures in the year book in Pete's memory. The cards and letters of support from Pete's class mates and teachers have touched our lives and we will cherish each of them.


As you continue to view this web site that I have put together in memory of my son you will see that Pete had a wonderful, happy life. Parents are suppose to teach children, but son, you taught me so much more. You taught me to enjoy each day as if it was to be your last. Never take anything for granted. Pete always went that extra step to make others feel better. Because of that My son you have touched so many lives in your short life time. You are loved and missed by so many Pete. I often wonder what you are doing in heaven, but I guess anyone that knew you can probably figure that out themselves.

Thank you Pete for giving us the honor to be your parents. My mission in life is to keep your memory alive. Putting this web site together has been both comforting and heartbreaking. I want to Thank my husband for his compassion and understanding as to how important this web site was to me and to my beautiful daughter for all of her help .

Pete and Lory's Mom & Dad

Song "Dreams" courtesy Margi Harrell,

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