Never Say Goodbye?

Pete was a very unique young man....Kind, Loving, Honest and Compassionate.

He had a mind of his own and was not afraid to use it. Always exploring new options and not afraid to walk away from something that didn't feel right.

He spoke his mind and didn't beat around the bush. If he liked knew it, and if he didn't he still respected you. He had a good sense of humor and always made us laugh.

Any one that knew him, knew that he had two trademarks... First was his smile...a room would brighten when he came in, because the first thing you saw would be his grin. Pete had a smile that would melt your heart. Second were those sideburns...boy how proud he was of them. He was nicknamed Kong because of those sideburns.

Pete was a young man but still a child at heart. Getting down on the floor putting together his lego's, or playing with his niece Danielle. He loved kids and they loved him too, just ask Kayla, Isaac and Jessica.

He did so much in his short life, it's as if he had to pack it all in. If we live to be 100 we all would be lucky to have done half of what Pete did in the 17 years that we were blessed with him. He was a very hard worker. He went to school full time and in his senior year he held two after school jobs. Pete worked with his Dad at Mohawk Finishing and also worked on weekends with his life long friend Danny. Never ever complaining. If he had a job to do he would put all he had into it. He just didn't do it, he did it well.

His Snowmobile and Ford Bronco were his prize possessions. Saving money from both of his jobs and paying for them both.

Pete loved his family and made a point of knowing each and every one of them. When he got his drivers license that gave him the independence to visit them when ever he felt, and he did that often.

Pete was given a lot of freedom because he earned it with his honesty and trustworthiness. When he said he was going to be home at 9:00 he was...not a minute before or after.

Pete always liked challenge, and wasn't afraid to tackle anything. He tried soccer, football, basketball and lacrosse. He loved the game lacrosse. He was a team player and didn't mind not having the spotlight. He just wanted to play. He was chosen captain of the AHS lacrosse team in 2000. In Pete's senior year the 2001 Lacrosse season was dedicated to Pete. His teammates wore his#18 on their helmets. It was the best season that they had. They finished 11-5. I think Pete had something to do with that...he was born on 11-5

Peter was a beautiful young man...on the outside, and most importantly from the inside.

How do we say goodbye to someone that was your life, your being, your purpose on this earth. Someone who brought such joy and happiness to us all. Your life is so full of loving them that you could never imagine that it could ever end in such a tragic way. In a matter of seconds they are taken away from you. All of your hopes & dreams that you had for your child will never be. You are left with such a empty feeling. A void that can never be filled. Our lives are changed for ever.

How do we say goodbye?

No one could truly understand unless they too have lost a child. We will grieve the loss of our child until the day we die. Waiting for the day that we will be reunited together as a family. Please remember our son Pete, he was worth remembering. He was a very big part of our lives .

How do we say Goodbye?

We Don't...

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