Happy Birthday in Heaven Peter

This was the day that you were born, Peter. The day you entered this world was the happiest day in our life. You were perfect in every way. Every moment with you was a joy. I think back at the times we shared with you, the times we heard you laugh, your beautiful smile and your soft caring heart. You were so full of life. Everything you did made our lives so complete. How do we celebrate a day that use to bring us such happiness and joy. This year there is no cake to bake, no candles to blow out, no presents to unwrap. You should be here with us on your Birthday. Instead you now celebrate your birthday in Heaven. Because we can't be with you to celebrate, we pray that you're in heaven celebrating with all of your Angel friends and your best friend Danny.

Our hearts are hurting because we miss you so much. Our lives changed Peter the day you died. Our lives can never be the same without you my precious Son. We walk this lonely journey with you in our hearts always. Our happiness is replaced with sadness and our laughter replaced with tears.

Today we will take red roses to the cemetery and release balloons to heaven with "Forget-Me-Not" seeds attached hoping that you will get them.

Today you would be 24 years old but instead you will forever be 17.

We Love you Peter and Miss you so very Much.

Love You Forever & Missing You Always ,
Mom, Dad & Lory

I had a lot to do
More than most of you
Yet, you wonder why I left,
I finished early...

I started on time
I put in a full day's work
But I finished early..

You thought my road would be a long one
But I did run the race
I just finished early..
By measure of man's time,
Not God's own time
You look at the years
But I did all I was sent to do.
I just finished early...

With God it counts not at all
How long, how brief, how great or how small
He looks for a ready heart
I just finished early.

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