Today we will make our trip to Speculator with heavy hearts. We will walk down the path to the spot where your precious life ended that cold February morning. There will be a set of foot prints missing in the snow, because you're best friend Danny will not be taking the journey with us as he has now joined you in heaven.

Two great kids with dreams bigger than the sky are no longer here to share their lives with us. We know in our hearts that the boys are together again and in some small way that gives us some comfort, but we will never be able to understand why two wonderful boys were taken from us at such a young age. They were such good kids. They both worked very hard, loved riding snow machines and just having fun. They were best friends since they were little boys. I don't believe that Pete and Danny's friendship is something that just happened. Their friendship was very precious to both of them. They truly had a special bond right from the beginning. Whatever God wanted you for must have been big. I'm sure whatever it is, you're both doing a great job and making him very happy. I just wish he could have waited a lot longer!

Danny was with Pete the morning that he died. Danny held Pete's hand as he took his last breath. Danny has struggled for the last four years with the loss of his best friend. Our hearts broke every time we looked at him.

Our families became even closer after the death of Pete. We spent many weekends together in the summer, eating by the pond and deciding who was going to pay for the next Hot Fudge Sundae.

We never asked Danny what happened the morning Pete died. We knew in our hearts how painful it was for him and we never wanted to put Danny through anymore heartache than he had already experience for a kid only 17 himself.

I knew it was an accident and we couldn't change what happened but I always wondered if my son died instantly or if he had suffered. This past Easter Danny decided that he needed to tell us what happened the morning Pete died. My heart ached for him as he recalled the events of Pete's accident. But something happened after he told us. We could see a difference in the way he acted. Like the whole world had just been lifted off his chest. I remember him saying to my husband, Pete's dad, "you lost your son, but you have me. I'm your boy now". We cried for our loss and also for Danny's loss of his best friend.

We encouraged him to move forward in his life. Finding peace, comfort and happiness is all we ever wanted for him. We lived our son's life through Danny. Every step he took was a joy for us. Over the past 4 years and 7 months after losing his best friend Danny achieved many great things at a young age. He worked very hard, sometimes too hard putting in long hours and often working 7 days a week. I guess it was his way of working through his grief. He had a wonderful life ahead of him and then the unthinkable happened..

Danny was killed in an automobile accident on 9/18/2005 at the age of 22. Best Friends both dying on the same date, the 18th, both on the same day of the week, Sunday. Both killed by hitting a tree. Both boys brought to the same hospital and examined by the same coroner.

Is the bond of friendship that strong that there could be such similarities in both of there deaths? I've asked myself a hundred times, was my son that lonely and sad that he needed Danny to be with him or was Danny that sad and lonely that he needed to be with Pete? I hope and pray that they are both happy and having fun. Best Friends together again.

Two families forever connected by the loss of both boys.

Forever Loved Forever Missed

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