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Brian, Thank You for all of your help and everything you have done in helping me put this web site together for Pete. You are very talented, and I am still trying to figure out what HTML is.
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To My Daughter Lory:
We've shared the gift of laughter, our love, our joy, our tears; But the greatest gift you've given me, Is the gift to be your Mom. You will always be my daughter, And forever my best friend. I love you with all my heart.

To My Husband:
I love with all my heart. Thank You for understanding my need to do this web site In Memory of Our Son. You are the best dad in the world. You gave me a beautiful son and daughter. Pete loved you with all his heart. Pete was such a warm and loving Son, but that doesn't surprise me because I know where Pete got it from...You. You and Pete had a special bond...A bond that Will last for eternity. You are his Dad...He is your Son Always & Forever

To our friends:
Becky, Dave, Danny & Kate.
Thank you for your continued support & compassion during the most difficult time in our lives. The times we have spent with all of you have certainly shown us the true meaning of friendship. We have laughed together, cried together...but we did it together.
Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

To My Friend Dawn:
Thank you for proof reading and correcting all my spelling errors. This poem is for you...

My Friend

Of all the people in my life,
From beginning to the end...
You've been a special blessing,
My dear and faithful friend.

You've filled my life with laughter,
Shared sorrows, joys and tears;
You've stood by me and held my hand,
Walked with me through the years.

When I needed someone to listen.
I knew you would always be there,
When I weathered the storms of life,
You were always the one who cared.

So in the circle we call life,
From beginning to the end...

I was blessed to have you beside me,
My dear and faithful friend.

To all of Pete's friends who call, write and visit, your compassion will never be forgotten. I can't thank you enough for remembering Pete. You have touched our hearts forever. May you all have a long, happy and fulfilled life, and I hope all of your dreams come true. May God keep you safe always.

To the AHS Class of 2001

Our family would like to thank you for all the thoughtfulness you have shown us. You have touched our lives and we will always remember you.

Pete had many good friends; and you have shown us what true friendship and caring is all about.

Your continued support during the school year with the chorus concert and, the Varsity Lacrosse Team for dedicating the season to Pete and retiring his # 18 jersey, the yearbook committee and the class advisors for the pages dedicated to Pete, and all of Pete�s senior classmates for planting a tree that will grow in his memory showed us how often you thought of him.

As you graduate may the tree planted for Pete be the foundation for your lives to grow healthy and full.

Congratulations and Good Luck

To all of my friends from Brokenhearted Parents support group that I belong to On-line, I thank you for your support and friendship, and helping me through the darkest days of my life.
((((((I LOVE YOU ALL))))))

Special thank you to:
Walter Martin for driving the Fire Truck that escorted Peter
to St. Mary's Church and Sgt. Carl Rust
for his escort to Peter's final Resting Place.

A scholarship fund has been set-up in Peter's Memory with the Amsterdam Fire Department.

A Lacrosse scholarship will also be given each year
in Peter's Memory to a graduating senior.

Peter's stone was done by: Sacandaga Granite & Marble Creations Thank You William & Terri Edson for you Guidance and compassion, and to Gen of Vermont for her beautiful etchings on Peter's Stone.

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